Make sure you’re safe by using NEW fasteners

So many individuals, when they restore, take real care in procuring the right parts to make their vehicle look right.  However, when it comes to replacing nuts and bolts, they often look for the cheapest alternative, scour auto jumbles and generally “make do”.  Weird though it is, fasteners make up a tiny fraction of the cost of a restoration, yet we find that folks don’t think they should check where their fasteners are manufactured, what they are capable of and quality and provenance take a back seat.

For a small increase over the cost of auto jumble packs we can assure you:

  • The provenance of the fasteners, we know who where and when it was manufactured.
  • The capability of the fastener, how it has been manufactured & to what tolerances.
  • We have been selling nuts and bolts to industry (including vehicle manufacturers and component makers) since 1984.

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