Special offer on drills

imperial size drills

Special offer on Imperial size drills
We have surplus stock of imperial size drills from 3/64 to 7/16 sizes. These are industrial/trade products, high quality and robust. We are selling them at significantly reduced price (subject to a minimum order value of £5) in order to reduce stock. Clearly if you don’t need exact sizes, many are close to metric!

An idea of prices :

3/64 drills for 70p
9/64 drills for 86p
9/32 drills for £1.87
7/16 drills for £4.66
Above prices include VAT BUT NOT CARRIAGE

Specific drills include the following sizes: 3/64, 9/64, 11/64, ¼, 17/64, 9/32, 21/64 and 7/16. We have smaller quantities of other imperial sizes under ½ inch.

Please contact Nigel on: Nigel@leytonfasteners.co.uk for more details. If you let us know your requirements, we can provide prices and cost of carriage…