The highs and lows of classic ownership

Given that driving old cars requires some “running repairs” I used my KING DICK “get you home” set whilst driving my Healey back from Buxton on Monday.  Brilliant kit, given I lost power and had to start working my way through everything untill I found the problem…maybe we need some pliers adding to the kit!

We’ve put together this brilliant tool kit, for most eventualites. Measuring just 24cm by 18cm and just 5cm deep, iyts easy to carry and includes:

3 British made King Dick spanners: 7/16 & 5/8, 9/16 & 1/2 and 1/4 & 5/16.
King Dick one for six crosshead screwdriver (which fits tiny and large cross head screws)
King Dick flat head 4 by 100 screw driver.
Its own padded box with cut outs for each individual tool.

This high quality tool kit can be yours for £39.99 plus postage or direct from our site Each box is made individually, so we require two weeks to get it out to you.

If you’re being asked for Christmas present ideas…here it is!

Or give me a ring on 0161 355 8045