For safety’s sake replace those fasteners!

classic fasteners


Healey exploits
On replacing my rear lever arm shocks on the Mk2 Healey 3000, I stripped everything down, only to find the mounting plate broken. Checking around, no-one makes these any more, so seems that I will need to get it welded…& its thick metal. In order to get it to the welders I’ve done a short term repair using square section repair washers. Normally repair washers are round, but these fit perfectly around the broken mounting plate!

I’ve also been in the stores, as I always replace nuts, bolts and washers every time I remove a part. Home restorers often fail to realise that when nuts and bolts are tightened, the threads are stretched, which will, over time weaken the fasteners. Also if you place a new washer against an old item, the locking component will be much poorer.

So, for safety sake always replace the old bolts, nuts and washers with new ones.