Using repair washers

repair washers

Repair washers have very distinct uses in engineering, however, when used in the Classic Car world, their variety, size and shape can provide some interesting solutions!  Repair washers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, mainly square and round.  Whilst the web shop carries the round washers, we also stock square washers, which can come in handy for either temporary or permanent repairs.

I recently had a problem with the Healey, the rear damper backing plate had cracked right across the top, shearing through the bolt holes.  It transpired that the rear plate had not been welded when the chassis was constructed, leading to the failure, some 60 years later!  These chassis were welded together by Jensen motors who also undertook the build of the bodies, before loading onto a transporter and sent to Oxford for assembly.

The metal was too thick to weld in my garage, so “how to move it to the bodyshop”?  As the shop is around 10 miles away, I decided to use some of the larger square repair washers to provide a temporary repair to the chassis.  Using the square section, I cut away to fit behind the mounting providing a sandwich between the cracked metal section.  I then removed the collars and simply used new sets to pull the damper, broken mounting and backing together.  I carefully tightened the bolts to make sure that I didn’t damage the damper body, whilst ensuring everything held together temporarily.  The repair allowed me to safely travel to the bodyshop and get the offending mounting welded, which was a horrible job win a difficult place under the rear seats of the Healey.  Thankfully with the rear seats and well removed there was sufficient room to remove my repair and weld up the offending bracket.


Above are the large square repair washers which we carry specifically for our engineering customers.  If you have specific requirements, drop us an email and we can let you know whats available in stock.

Its always worth remembering to use new bolts rather than the 60 year old versions which have taken a hammering over the years!  I often hear stories of people re-using the bolts rather than paying a few quid for new fasteners.  Over the years, the threads on the bolts will have been stretched, are often damaged and when replacing suspension components, it is much better to be “safe than sorry”.


You can see the collars above holding the new sets and replacement lock nuts.  These come from one of our multi packs, but can also be purchased in smaller packs of similar bolts or sets.

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