Bespoke Metric Packs


We recently had a customer contact us with a series 3 Land rover. After 40 years of service the Landy seems to have acquired as many metric sized fasteners as imperial, leaving a headache for our owner every time he undertakes a job.  After a quick chat, we worked out between us that he needed metric sizes in M6, M8 & M10. On lengths, we reckoned 30, 40 & 50mm would work, but only on fully threaded “sets”. Bolts actually are not threaded right to the end, so if you need to cut a bolt down, you need the full thread!

So turning to nuts, that’s fairly easy, except that we could offer nylocs or straightforward nuts….a mixture would probably work. Our customer also wanted plain and spring washers for all the fasteners as well.

So should you choose stainless or steel? Well decent quality zinc plated steel should last a few years as long as its not in too hostile an environment, particularly if, like our customer, you’ve blasted it with wax! Lets face it, the current crop of defenders, from 2016 have plenty of rusty bolts on them, if not treated with Dinitrol or waxoyl. Its also worth saying that stainless is simply not as strong as standard steel fasteners.

metric fasteners

We are really happy to pull similar packs together for customers, clearly we need to price specific to the fasteners and material (stainless, zinc or self colour). We are already in the process of adding in metric packs to our standard range, but BESPOKE packs for you and your vehicle can be pulled together quickly, as long as we have the sizes in stock.


An important point on QUALITY, the fasteners we supply to you are EXACTLY the same as the ones supplied to our industrial and trade customers and come from the very same stock. In other words, the manufacturers are traceable and we know where they were made, who supplied them and they are a known quantity.


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