Finding The Right Fasteners


How many times have you removed fasteners from your vehicle only to find that it is almost impossible to source? To be fair, many manufacturer or brand led companies do a marvellous job of supplying the parts that keep our classic vehicles on the road. The trouble is that the smaller stuff is either ridiculously expensive or simply unavailable. Our stock rooms are bursting with fasteners, accumulated over the last 40 years. We also have a wide variety of suppliers, with some that actually manufacture for us.

If you are in this unhappy situation, we are able to offer a BESPOKE SERVICE, subject to our having the time! If you have specific items you are looking for we are happy for you to send us a sample and we will do our utmost to source it. Often we can find something very similar, or made of a different material, the only “rub” being that you may have to buy packs of 25 or 100, dependent upon supplier. However as these are “box quantities” they come at very competitive pricing.

We have had a number of enquiries over the last three months, some for really interesting items, other for mainstream, but not “off the shelf”. The trouble is that without seeing the fastener its difficult to see exactly what is required. Some automotive fasteners are very close cousins to those used in other areas of manufacture. As modern car manufacturers have moved to plastic fasteners for many non-stressed applications, so the supply of the originals quickly become scarce.

On a different note, we are often able to supply the smaller fasteners, for interiors etc. in stainless…much better than the original, which are often chrome plated steel (& rusty).

So give us a call on 0151 355 8045 or