The personal touch

classic car fasteners

classic car fasteners

We often get customers worried that they cant use us for small orders, given we are a “big” fasteners company. Rest assured, if we have it (or something similar) in stock, we can supply your small orders. We may sell to a variety of large industrial customers, but also have a legion of smaller buyers, particularly in the classic car, motorcycle and (increasingly) classic farm machinery.


We’ve had a variety of requests, such as:

  • A customer, who had taken apart a Victorian bedframe, then lost the nuts and bolts to reassemble it.
  • A Gentleman who had a false leg, the fasteners failed and he was shipped to us in a Taxi – bizarre I know but true.
  • The myriad of Motorbike owners who want to change their fasteners for stainless (we do several grades) to make sure they continue to look great.
  • Land Rover Defender Owners (including one of our directors), who are sick and tired of all the chassis bolts going rusty, looking for the right mix of stainless nuts bolts and washers.


We welcome the small enquiry, the lower quantities, put simply; you can buy what you want from us if we have it in stock. If not, we can quote you on “box” quantities at really competitive prices. Whilst the web shop show a tiny number of items, our stores are literally bursting with every conceivable type of fastener, in a variety of sizes, metric, imperial and unusual!


We are gradually moving our more obsolete stock onto our bespoke stock control system, in order to pinpoint your orders, or offer the closest alternative. Sometimes the sizing required is very close to modern metric sizes, not only are the older imperial fasteners hard to find (in many sizes) also they cost much more money, so it makes sense to look at alternatives.


So, for the personal touch, use Leyton Classics