Land Rover pet hates

austin healey

In one of the Land Rover magazines recently, there was an interesting article on the fasteners used. The author was propounding his views on “pet hates” in old Land Rovers, specifically that many owners spend thousands of pounds on new chassis, engine work and suspension upgrades only to fix it together with completely the wrong fasteners. Trouble is the fasteners are, in the main, relatively cheap, so it’s a complete mystery why?


austin healey


We are all probably familiar with seeing cars held together by coach bolts (which were designed for horse drawn vehicles) woodscrews and most worryingly the rusty worn out bolts taken off the vehicle in the first place.


Clearly there are plenty of other ways of getting it wrong with old vehicles. Even if you buy new fasteners, it makes sense to obtain a variety of sizes and lengths, rather than leaving 20mm of thread showing (or getting in the way). There is a lack of understanding of bolts and sets…. basically a set is a fully threaded , a bolt is part threaded (at the end). Clearly there are applications where a set is right, others where a bolt is correct, so both types are required. In the main, as the set gets longer, a bolt replaces it!


Most old vehicles, particularly Land Rovers, vibrate, so making sure they don’t loosen all their fasteners is rather critical. So once you have the bolts and sets, you need the right sort of nuts and washers. Self locking nuts work well if they are used once! Unfortunately the more they are used the less useful they become…we suggest replacing each time used. Spring washers bite into the nut/bolt preventing them moving, again use only once, or they simply become normal washers.


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