We supply Motorbike owners as well!

Motor Cycle fasteners

At least once a day a motorbike owner comes into our trade counter with a handful of rusty nuts and bolts with a few requests to Marc, our store man to exchange them for stainless or zinc plated. I’ve chatted to a few owners about their machines and what they were doing with the fasteners. With the British weather and the salted winter roads, it is inevitable that both modern and classic motorbikes suffer with corrosion. Every owner recounted the on-going saga of replacement and renewal, which every owner seems suffer.


Given Motorbikes are fully open to the elements, I guess they are much more prone to rusting then those enclosed within a bonnet! Indeed they can get “washed” with oil in and under a car, whereas in the case of motorbikes they simply take whatever salt and water is thrown up from the road.


Given the multiplicity of sizes, imperial and metric, you would think that we struggle to help these customers, but the reverse is true! We are usually able to find close matches for the specific fasteners, normally from stock. Because we stock by “full box”, there are occasions where we can source difficult to find fasteners, but customers will need to accept a box quantity. However, we can often supply these at very competitive prices.


Leyton Classics is one of a small number of fasteners suppliers who carry comprehensive stocks of imperial sized fasteners in zinc plated and stainless. We have a number of industrial customers (Through our sister business Leyton Fasteners) who still use these sizes, which allows us to keep our prices competitive. We also don’t differentiate between the fasteners we sell to our classic vehicle customers and our industrial customers. This means we only supply top quality fasteners, the same as those taken by our industrial and manufacturing clients.


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