We stock BAHCO tools


BAHCO design and manufacture tools and saws tailored to the most demanding professionals, focussing our design highly on innovation, performance and ergonomics.   Their trademark “fish”, denotes the “fish hook” quality of steel, flexibility with extreme strength.


As innovators for over 165 years, BAHCO have introduced the most advanced tools in the world, and sell through distributors (such as Leyton Fasteners/ Leyton Classics) with whom they build long-term partnerships. BAHCO products are overwhelmingly manufactured in their own factories located across Europe and offered by our partner distributors to the professionals.


We stock a variety of BAHCO tools which we supply our trade and manufacturer customers, many of whom are household names.  They value to robust quality and longevity of BAHCO tools, despite their being a little more expensive, than value ranges.


BAHCO are famous for their adjustable spanners, which was one of the first tools in their range, introduced in the 1800’s.  We stock sizes from 6” up to 12” adjustable, always in demand for their quality and durability.


Alongside BAHCO, we also stock KING DICK mechanics hand tools.  We area a preferred supplier of these tools, which are the only mechanics tool range still manufactured in the UK.  KING DICK manufacture at a purpose built factory in the West Midlands.