Lockdown classics

Bored, its time to start your classic vehicle project!

Whilst the Fasteners business has been fairy quiet of late, the reverse is true of Leyton Classics.  Is this the lovely weather, the fact that we’ve had idleness forced upon us, or simply time on our hands!

Well the number of small orders to the business has increased dramatically over the last couple of weeks.  To add some colour, we’ve also had customers dropping some photo’s of their projects, which always helps to liven things up.

The Land Rover above is a late 1980’s series 3, which the owner is starting some serious repair work on the bulkhead, whilst also ensuring that various fasteners are replaced one the Landy is reconstructed.  This customer purchase some bespoke fasteners, as well as one of our large stainless packs.

So if you’re looking to start your project, make sure you’ve got the right fasteners!


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