Fully stocked shelves

Whilst the pandemic has closed many of our competitors, we have remained open throughout, albeit changing our working practices to ensure we keep our staff and customers safe.

Our retail customers can purchase online or via the telephone and the goods will be delivered by courier.  We have seen rush of web based and online customers over the last few weeks, from around the UK.


We have increased our stock of the most popular sizes of metric hexagon bolts, sets, nuts, nylocs and washers in BZP, given our suppliers have been either been temporarily closed or struggling to obtain supplies.  As you can imagine, there are real issues with supply chains at the moment, with factories in supplier countries closed down or working sporadically.  Many suppliers are warning of shortages due to the interruption caused by the pandemic.


With the above in mind we have “bought in” good stocks of the following:

  • Socket caps,
  • Countersunk, buttons
  • Setscrews in BZP & self-colour screws


To ensure continuity of supply, we have good stocks of Stainless steel fasteners of all types, as well as our popular range of JCP construction products “off the shelf” or within a day or so.

We simply don’t have space to stock everything, but we if we don’t have what you want, we can usually obtain goods for the next day. As always, anything unusual or bespoke can be manufactured on your behalf, normally within the UK.  Clearly, lead times on “specials” are much longer, so it’s always advisable to check with us on delivery dates.


Given the size of our current stockholding, it’s worth checking out our best price, particularly on box quantaties.