All our cars

Still on the cars we’ve owned, I’ve added a couple more from our fleet in the 1970’s.




Morris 1000

After Nigel wrote off his VX4/90 he had to find something quickly to “put him on”. His next car was a blue minor 100, affectionately known as “moggy” – it cost him £150 from a Friends wife wife Sue, who then moved to a very nice Porsche (red 924?).   The Minor was rather elderly by the 1970’s, its heyday being the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, when it was seen as quite amazing, with a willing engine and no heavy chassis (being one of the first unitary designs).

The Moggy was not without its problems; indeed it kept stopping every 100 miles, then refusing to start.   Eventually Nigel found that a twang of the points usually did the trick and got it going again. It got him to college and back home for about a year and became a real friend. Trouble is Moggies were not “cool” for a budding man about town, so once again other interesting stuff beckoned.

Morris 1100

Phil’s first car, in 1972, was a Morris 1100, which was NOT cool. The Morris 1100 was the UK’s biggest selling car for much of the 1960’s, before Ford took over that mantel. The Morris and Austin versions were similar, although the Austin had a long dash rather than the rather dated binnacle in the Morris. Costing Phil all of a couple of hundred pounds, it was a rather dirty green colour.

Whilst a great car in many ways, the hydrolastic suspension led to many worrying moments in spirited driving, particularly on roundabouts. The cross ply tyres clearly didn’t help handling, but the see-saw effect of the suspension could catch out young bucks hoping to show off in front of the new girlfriend. Most Girls were looking for Guys with sports cars, or a least a Mini, so the 1100 only lasted around 6 months.