We are holding our classic prices

Over the last month we have noticed the Classic vehicle side of the business has increased by 75%!  Perhaps this has something to do the global shortages, increasing prices or simply summer is on the way and we are getting close to driving our classic vehicles.  We know we have a great reputation as a small business, there are few companies like ours who specialise ONLY in the sales of fasteners.


One problem with fasteners is that whenever they are used, they are likely to be the smallest cost item in any job.  That relates just as much in the classic vehicle world as with our industrial and commercial customers.


There is no doubt that the problems that have been impacting car manufacture, specifically semi-conductors, are now moving into other supply chains, be it food (I couldn’t buy a lettuce or tissues in Sainsburys yesterday as they were out of stock) or other goods manufactured overseas.


A year ago, we invested heavily in increasing our stock levels, when obtaining product was still easy.  The problem with fasteners is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of sizes, materials, head types etc, so it’s impossible for an independent like us to stock everything.  However, having looked hard at our sales, we picked out specific items, particularly in the imperial sizes, but also in metric, where increasingly demand is coming from.

Our deep expertise (we only really sell FASTENERS) means we are often able to advise, where a specific size is unavailable, what other type or size would comfortably fit.  We undertake this for many of our industrial customers, who would simply have to cease manufacture, if they didn’t have access to other specifications.


Thankfully, our stocks of fasteners, particularly for the packs on our website, are well stocked.  We have held our prices in the short term, at least until we need to re-stock.


The message is, don’t wait if you need something, buy it from our web shop whilst it’s still available.