Modern fasteners for Classic vehicles

Upgrading to a better fastener!

Have you ever been in that horrible position where your car doors have dropped and you are wondering why the spring washers that were supposed to hold it in place, have failed.  I guess there are plenty of other situations where specific fasteners fail, well there are often bespoke fasteners to use instead of the “old fashioned” item.  I was rather un-nerved when the door on my Cooper S started to drop and fouled the upper edge of the B pillar (how many times have you seen that on a Classic Mini!).


Well, the spring washer had failed, so I started looking at what could replace it.  My initial thought was to use a shake proof washer but discovered something much more useful.  Shake proof washers are fine and cheap, but can be unreliable, dependent on quality.  An alternative is aserrated disc or locked spring washer.  Both are domed and serrated, so the dome acts as a spring and the serration acts to ensure it is shake proof.  The serrated disc washer is a little more complex, as on its inner side, instead of serration, it can lock into the metal itself.

I have used the serrated disc washers on my Mini doors to great effect, no more movement (given these are small bolts) as well as shake proof.  So, if you are looking for a specific item and you are unsure of the type of washer you need, don’t just think of the obvious fastener, as there may be something different (& more modern) which will be more effective.


Also, please remember, you get what you pay for.  Our fasteners have known provenance (we know where and who manufactured/supplied them) We also only buy from known source where the fasteners are certified for use, something you don’t get with non-Fastener businesses.


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