Land Rover Defender niggles

If you have ever owned a Land Rover, you will know the list of niggles which leave you wondering how LR ever left things as they are, given the life span of the vehicle and the lack of development until 2016.  Favourite issues which most owners solve are turning circle, corrosion and lack of security.

One of the items we’ve covered previously was replacement of the bolts holding the mudflaps to the chassis. Clearly using mild steel zinc plated bolts is OK for a few years, but 5 years of constant washing in salt turns them to dust in no time.  Another area is the plate under the rear door which holds the load area rubber mat in place.  It uses small zinc plated self-tappers (quite a few) and if your truck is like mine, after 5 years the heads have worn with use and corrosion.   The simplest thing is to purchase some identical stainless-steel fasteners, which once in place will avoid the corrosion, which is particularly annoying when you need to remove the rubber mat and the heads are so worn you are unable to access the pozi head.

Whilst on corrosion, if you ever follow a Defender, you’ll notice how the rear crossmember of most trucks is covered with flaky rust.  No wonder so many new crossmember repairs are sold, given the washing in salt.  At Leyton Fasteners, we’ve been selling Lano Shield to our industrial customers for some time now, with various industrial applications.  Whilst Lano Shield was first introduced to our marine customers who wanted an anti-corrosion/anti sieze application, we were also keen to understand how the application would work on more mundane machinery, such as vehicles and tools.  What really caught our eye was when a customer, who used a boat trailer, coated his trailer with Lano Shield and found, that even when dropping into salt water, the trailer remained rust free and fully operational.

My own Land Rover has been liberally soaked in Lano shield, particularly the rear crossmember, on an annual basis, which allows me to fully inspect the chassis, as well as reapply to areas and use anti rust paint where appropriate.