ULEZ and classic cars

With the proliferation of ULEZ in major cities in the UK becoming ongoing news, its no surprise that people are looking at ways to mitigate or “get around” the fines!  A recent newspaper article suggested that with cars over 40 years old exempt from fines, those often referred to as “young timers” this may be a way to go!  The rolling 40-year term certainly throws up some interesting vehicles of the late 70’s and early 80’s, with a proliferation of vehicles, albeit these were times when rust appeared to be built into the cars.

!970’s and 80’s vehicles (up to 1983) are interesting in several ways.  They are certainly pre-digital and computer, with a simplicity that ensures that the owner can repair and maintain, even for high mileages.  Whilst many have been scrapped there are plenty which have led a cosseted life and simply need some rust prevention, decent tyres and re-commissioning.

A friend was telling me he has kept his late mother in law’s Vauxhall Nova, fully MOT’d and inside the 40-year rule.  Nova’s were built from 1985 till mid 90’s with only around 800 still on the road.  My friend has fully rustproofed the car, with modern chemicals (sold here at Leyton Classics) together with replacement starter, new plugs and leads, modern tyres and personally serviced (including fresh brake fluid).  Whilst a Nova may not be the choice for some, it seems a decent runner for around town.

Many old Land Rovers, sadly now a little expensive for some, have literally hundreds of thousands of miles on them.  Respectfully driven, many continue to support local businesses, particularly gardeners, tree surgeons and the like, whilst also being ULEZ free.

For mileage eaters, there are few makes to top old Mercedes saloons from the 70’s and 80’s.  W123’s from this era are real mile eaters, again when used respectfully and kept within speed limits.  Mercedes still carries parts for these cars and the durability, particularly of the engineering is impeccable.

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