Veterans catered for!

Whilst spending a fantastic weekend at Goodwood, one of the races that really caught my eye was for vintage racers from the 1920’s.  What was also interesting was that we here at Leyton Classics supply several of the very people who are dedicated to keeping these vehicles “on the road” or racing the circuits of the world.  Behind the Vintage and Veteran scene are a huge industry of small businesses catering for service, restoration and rebuilding these vehicles, however, the nature of these cars is that most of their running gear is bespoke!  So watching vintage Bentleys racing and knowing we might be playing our own small part is quite satisfying.

Since Nigel and Phil bought Leyton Fasteners 15 years ago, they decided not to throw away the stock which had accumulated over the 40 plus years the business had been running.  We thought to ourselves “someone must be interested in in this stuff”, little did we know that BSF, BSW, BA & UNC would become largely obsolete.  So, over the years we have built our stock, know our suppliers and can even have obsolete fasteners re-manufactured at reasonable prices (and small volumes).

We know from talking to our customers, that they really struggle finding some lines, in particular BA.  The fasteners on pre-war and early post war vehicles will all use largely obsolete sizes and threads.  We are advised by customers, that often when specialists are stripping a vehicle, they find a metric bolt forced onto an obsolete thread, with the usual nasty impact.  Whilst we carry stocks of obsolete fasteners, we always suggest to customers that they protect their own stocks, by keeping bins stocked up, given there is often a lead time, which can hold up maintenance or build on a particular vehicle.

So, talk to us and you’ll find us interested and keen to help.  Call 0151 355 8045 or