Imperial and metric – make sure to replace old classic car fasteners

Getting the Healey ready for winter meant replacing the rather elderly antifreeze, first job being to remove most of the old stuff in the system.  Anyone who know Healey’s, will be very aware that the huge engine in front means you rarely need the Heater on, so the heater stop taps are always at off.  Whilst as part of the service, these should be opened and closed, it’s something which often gets forgotten.  Well, my tap was welded into position, probably because to stop them leaking they need a sharp tap with a hammer on either open or closed (which seats the valve).


to get the old tap off and working, I looked at the UNF small bolts holding it to the cylinder head, they were looking tatty and the heads were very worn.  However, finding a bolt was a bit tricky!  Here at Leyton Classics, we carry lots of small bags of nuts and separately bolts in packs of 10, which means you can be sure they are in stock.  We can normally take an order and send same day, or you can purchase direct from the website.

Winter is usually the time when we all get down to restoration, it’s amazing the number of times I’ve seen amateur restorers use cleaned up old bolts.  When fasteners have been used for many years holding parts together, they can suffer from neglect, corrosion and stress, all of which can lead to failure.  So, to be safe, when restoring use fresh fasteners of the correct size.

Don’t forget our mixed packs of nuts and bolts in UNC and UNF, as well as our maxi packs of metric, which provide a great way to start your own “stores” at competitive prices.  Please also remember that the fasteners we sell are identical and sourced from the same suppliers whom our sister company Leyton Fasteners use to supply their industrial customers.  As one of the UK’s major suppliers of imperial and obsolete sizes, we always