Modern Classics are becoming predominant!

Here at Leyton Classics, we support a local classic car show and run the entry system etc.  As a result, you get to know how many of what type of car attends.  Clearly, we all like to see the fabulous (Lamborghini) and the unusual ( Messerschmitt)!  Although I’m much more partial to English sports cars of the 60’s and 70’s.  It’s said that we all tend to gravitate to the cars our father owned or that we lusted after as a child…

However, a few years ago, most of the classic Shows would have been made up of Austin 7’s, Morris 8’s and some 60’s sports cars such as Healey’s and MGB’s.  Whilst pre-war cars have declined, markedly from 25% of exhibits to less than 10%, we’ve also noticed a huge influx of later 80’s and 90’s classics, many of which tend to be sporting Fords or the GTI versions of VW Golfs and Peugeot 205’s etc.

That said, maybe things are changing again, as this year the predominant entries are for Morris Minors, mainly 2 door saloons, which are one 60’s classic which will keep up with modern traffic and are easy to service and inherently reliable.  I’ve also seen a crop of 2CV’s starting to appear, for the very same reason as Minors.  Both models are simple to run and cheap to buy, with plentiful spares and with support from excellent owner’s clubs.  Whilst MGB’s still are the go-to classic sports cars, Mazda MX5’s are appearing at the younger end of the Classic scene, although aping the look of the 60’s Lotus Elan, they are much easier to repair again with lots of spares support.

Leyton Classics have always been known for our quality and range of Unified (UNF/UNC) fasteners, in both small packs of 10 or in the bolt kits or nut and washer kits.  We are currently looking to augment our range with metric fine to cover more Japanese and European models, watch out for more information.