The trouble with washers

Since the 1960’s technology has moved rapidly, those were the days when you could choose from flat washers, spring washers and the new-fangled locknuts!  However, when you are searching for washers today, just like fitting LED lights on your classic car, technology in washers has moved to the point where you can have locking washers, shakeproof with external teeth, shakeproof with internal teeth etc.

So, faced with the following dilemma what would you do?  After 55 years of service, my lotus Elan badge was looking worse for wear.  The enamel chipped and the base metal starting to rust.  I breathed deeply and bought a new one (very expensive) although the supplier didn’t have the nuts to secure it.  I took the badge to Leyton Fasteners, where Nigel checked the threads and called it as no.10 UNF, basically 3/16th nut.  But what to use to ensure my very expensive badge wasn’t stolen or shaken off.  The previous badge had a couple of locknuts of the wrong size with no washers…which didn’t seem a good plan, given the car is fibreglass and subject to cracking at stress points.

We’d just put a blog on our parent site, Leyton fasteners, regarding newly stocked washers from Nord Lock, which feature a locking mechanism.  However, wanting something small, but still capable of locking, without affecting the fibreglass, I looked at two washers we sell thousands of to industry.  One has the locks on the outside, the other with the lock on the inside (see photo), both lock against the nut and the surface area, although the outer locking surface is more aggressive.  I’ve taken both, with a flat washer to protect the fibreglass.

So, if you’ve dilemmas with washers, or want a safer solution to a years old problem on your classic, give us a call on 0151 355 8045 or email: to chat about alternatives.