Author: Mark Roberts

Make sure you’re safe by using NEW fasteners

So many individuals, when they restore, take real care in procuring the right parts to make their vehicle look right.  However, when it comes to replacing nuts and bolts, they often look for the cheapest alternative, scour auto jumbles and generally “make do”.  Weird though it is, fasteners make up a tiny fraction of the […]
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Special price for 3/4 inch BSF nuts & bolts

We have special prices for 3/4 inch BSF HT bolts with nyloc nuts to go with them. Normal price is £4.62 plus VAT for the bolts and 72p net for the nuts. We have a special price, quoting this advert, of nut and bolt for £2 including VAT. .  Give us a call or contact […]
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See our new mixed bags of fasteners

I addition to our boxes of imperial fasteners, at discount prices, we are also offering mixed bags  at special prices so you can have the opportunity to try out our high quality nuts and bolts.   These mixed bags are available at discounted prices, both on the website and eBay.  visit to buy direct from our web-shop.
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